Material Advisors & 419 Plans Litigation: Contact 8886 forms experts here,IRS form

Material Advisors & 419 Plans Litigation: Contact 8886 forms experts here,IRS form

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    Tax Fraud Defenses
    Tax penalty abatement
    IRS audit appeals
    U.S. Tax Court cases
    Multinational taxation consulting
    Incorporating your business
    Recovering losses from insurance companies & brokerage firms
    Tax shelter analysis
    Pension plan reviews & evaluations
    419 & 412 type benefit plan analysis, remediation
    Offshore tax shelter issues
    IRS listed transactions assistance
    Expert witness testimony for tax, insurance & retirement plan cases
    SSI & Disability benefits advocates
    Pension & Benefit Plan Fraud
    Insurance Company Fraud

    I have a CPA and an Attorney. Why do I need you?

    FACT - "The Federal Tax Code is composed of 45,662 pages that require taxpayers to choose from 703 different forms. The Internal Revenue Code has grown to almost 1.4 million words today and is now 500,000 words longer than the Bible."

    There is another unequivocal fact that every small businessperson should know - "small privately held businesses pay a considerably higher percentage of their earnings to taxes than do large corporations in America."

    Why? Well, two reasons are on the payrolls of most small businesses. Though competent and qualified, the attorneys and accountants serving the small business community are not tax specialist. They are general practitioners. Small business attorneys focus mainly on legal matters such as contracts, entity formation and debt collections. Small business accountants wear many hats, such as: handling the books, interacting with the state and federal revenue services, reconciling bank records, preparing quarterly wage reports, etc. They simply don't have the time to spend 50 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, learning the intricacies of the ever changing tax code and applying the tax saving opportunities that lie within it.